Hidden Figures- Women In STEM Scholarships!!!


If you’ve been to the movies lately or happen to watch primetime TV, you have probably seen the previews for Hidden Figures, the biographical tale of three African American women who served as the computational brains behind the launch of Astronaut John Glenn into Orbit. African American? Women? Human computers?  Even today, the majority of us would equate that to seeing a unicorn, so imagine the struggles and barriers these women had to overcome in 1962. Feel inspired? Great, because PepsiCo and 21st Century Fox are partnering to help you continue the fight of breaking barriers in STEM and changing the world by awarding up to $200,000 in scholarships with their “Search for Hidden Figures” contest. The contest is open to all female-identifying residents of the United States, 13 or older who are interested in changing the world through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. To learn more about this contest, and to enter the search, click here . Applications are due by 12/10/2016. Be great!





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