5 PAID 2017 Summer Internships That Should Be on Your Radar

It’s that time of year again. After a winter break filled with home-cooked meals, relaxing or working your seasonal job, and spending time with family and childhood friends, it is now time to prepare for the second semester of your academic year. While many students are going in solely focused on finishing strong after a not-so-hot first semester, others are already planning for summer 2017. The summer is a great time to put your classroom knowledge to use in a practical way by interning. Through internships, you are able to try out your potential jobs and fields, and get a really good idea of what you like and what you could do without in your future career, while also gaining professional experience that not only is a great opportunity to build professional skill and networks, but also will give you a competitive edge on your resume. As a former struggling intern and college student, I know how difficult it can be to take on an unpaid internship, so URPathways will be posting Paid Summer Internship Opportunities throughout Spring Semester 2017. Check out our first five below:

J.Walter Thompson Worldwide

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This marketing-communications agency headquartered in New York, New York, offers ten-week paid internships, for rising juniors and seniors, in a variety of areas including Public Relations & Communications, New Business, Strategic Planning, Research, Analytics, and Account Management. Application Deadlines are January 31, 2017.

Learn More and Apply here.



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ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences, Inc has two paid 10-12 week summer internship opportunities for graduate students, Exposure Sciences and Epidemiology. Both internships provide housing and relocation assistance as needed. A wholly owned subsidiary of ExxonMobil,  ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences, Inc,has more than 100 human health, environmental, and product stewardship experts positioned globally to provide integrated support to ExxonMobil businesses. Application deadline not posted, so if you are interested, I suggest applying ASAP, via the links below.

Exposure Sciences Intern

Epidemiology Intern


Royal Caribbean Cruise, Ltd.

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Internship in South Florida? With a Cruise Line? Paid? Where do I sign up? That was my thought process when I found this gem of an opportunity, unfortunately for me, that ship has sailed 🙂 However, if you are a student, undergrad or grad, you are in luck. Royal Carribbean Cruise, Ltd. invites you to apply for their full-time, 8-10 week, Summer 2017 Internship Program. The cruiseline offers internships in a variety of departments including

  • Accounting
  • Community and Government Relations
  • Entertainment
  • Environment
  • Finance
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hotel Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Marine Operations
  • Medical
  • Newbuilding and Fleet Design
  • Safety
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Security
  • Supply Chain

There’s no deadline posted, so you know what to do, get on it!

Apply Here.


Hamilton Place Strategies

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From personal experience, let me tell you that there is little worse than an internship where you are not given the opportunity to contribute to or even learn from the team. That’s why I am so excited to share this opportunity for rising seniors from Hamilton Place Strategies. This non-partisan consulting firm is offering a 3-4 month internship in Washington, D.C, allowing Public policy, Economics, Business majors, and the like to gain experience drafting press releases, content for social platforms, conduct research, support events, and more. This internship is not only paid, but also provides a travel stipend.

Deadline not posted.

Learn more and apply here.


United Airlines

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Would you rather spend your summers traveling the world like some of your more privileged peers? Well what if I told you, you can travel while boosting up your resume, learning, and…GETTING PAID?! I thought you would be interested. United Airlines offers a Flight Operations Internship Program that will teach you through entry level experience the operations of a airline. Many of the job duties involve working with and supporting pilots. This opportunity is for juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Interns are responsible for their own housing, however, the internship is offered in several locations, so if you live in or near one of the cities or have family in the area, this might be a great opportunity to work with a major airline and learn more about the industry while traveling Summer 2017.

Locations: Chicago, IL/ Denver, CO/ Houston, TX / Los Angeles, CA / Newark, NJ/ San Francisco, CA/ Washington, DC


The list of requirements for this internship is pretty exhaustive, so please learn more and apply here.


Good Luck, and Happy New Year!








3 Lessons From “My Voice: A Memoir”: Angie Martinez


Women in Radio, Entry # 2 “My Voice” Angie Martinez

You don’t need to be a Hip Hop enthusiast to know who Angie Martinez is. The Puerto Rican New Yorker who worked her way up from intern to Radio Legend at Hot 97, has not only conducted some of the biggest and greatest interviews in Hip Hop history, but she also put out an album, co-wrote a healthy, Latin cuisine cookbook, and has managed to create a lane for young woman of color to not only have their voice heard on the airwaves, but respected. Angie Martinez’s journey is inspiring for women and men of all backgrounds who strive to be the best in their careers and in life. This entry of “Women in Radio” is my three lessons for career and life from Angie Martinez’s Memoir, My Voice: A Memoir.

1. Get Still and Go Within

When speaking about her infamous interview with Tupac during the height of the West Coast VS. East Coast beef, Angie tells us that although everyone wanted to hear the interview, help her edit it, and give opinions about what she should or should not release, ultimately Angie decided to disregard and ignore their opinions, and sit alone in stillness, and eventually, edit the interview on her own.

“I’m a person who likes to get quiet. And then once I’ve kind of figured it out, I may pick people’s brains about how to do it. Nobody else is going to have to deal with the repercussions but me.” (My Voice: A Memoir, Angie Martinez).

Angie emphasizes this need for stillness throughout the book, whether it be in the middle of the East Coast VS. West Coast feud, when making decisions about jumping into unfamiliar territories as an artist, or being slandered by artists or disgruntled listeners.

Key Note: Go within. It sounds obvious, but don’t forget that only YOU have to live your life, YOU have to deal with the consequences of your decisions, so make sure your final decision always comes from within.

2. Jump at the Opportunity, Even if it was Unexpected

Angie had no plans or desire to create an album or be a rapper, but when famed MC, KRS-One, suggested she rap on one of his tracks, she could not turn him down. She was admittedly nervous. She tried to not only talk herself out of it, but also KRS-One, however, she went through with it and made it out alive. In fact, the feature led her to the opportunity to appear on Lil Kim’s Ladies’ Night track, perform on the MTV Awards, and eventually, create her own album. Although Angie didn’t continue her career as a rapper, she accredits it to making her a better interviewer. Knowing the ins and outs of making an album, Angie is able to relate and ask stronger questions when interviewing artists.

The book begins with Angie writing us on her last day at Hot 97. It is a momentous occasion filled with emotion. With crying co-workers, texts of shock from celebrity friends, and social media in shambles, Angie has just announced that she is leaving Hot 97, and the next day the announcement will be made that she is joining Power 105.1, the competing station. What do we learn from this? A successful career and even a full life is not complete without taking risks.

Key Note: Don’t live your life in fear! Even if the opportunity doesn’t grant you the expected or common result, it can still enhance your life in other ways. Every risk is an opportunity for expansion!

3. Authenticity is KEY.

From figuring out interviewing and learning to host radio on the job and on the air, to breaking down announcing the death of Tupac Shakur, to crying on the local news when asked to explain the impact of Notorious BIG’s death on the Hip Hop community, to opening up the airwaves for an outpour of emotion on 9/11, Angie has earned her name as “The Voice of New York” through raw and utter authenticity. Trending before social media, Angie’s success is not built on image and fluff, but on authenticity, skill, and drive. In a day and age where careers are built on selfies and filters, Angie Martinez is a role model for creating not only a career but a life built on being true to yourself and others.

As the late Tupac Shakur wrote:


2 Angie Martinez

4 Being true when false behavior was fashionable

4 Never dirtying my name on the air

4 Being what is so hard to find

Key Note: The win is sweeter when you win as yourself.


Angie Martinez’s Memoir, My Voice: A Memoir, is available at major book retailers, as well as http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/my-voice-angie-martinez/1123112079 . Paperbacks are available for pre-order, but not physically available until March 7th, 2017.

You Got ALL The Answers

Sure, we experience the desire to fit in from the time we start school. Some of us even experienced it in our families and households, hence the term “Black Sheep.” Society as a whole consists of socializing or training humans to disregard or fight against the innate calling to be themselves, and adopt the beliefs, behaviors, and values of the majority. Over time, these beliefs, behaviors, and values become the norm, and everyone who decides not to subscribe to these norms is deemed “wrong”, “troubled”, or my favorite “weird”. But this is a blog on higher education and career, why is this relevant? School and Corporate America are major institutions that create intense pressure to conform and disassociate with who you really are; The Source.

I began this blog to share tips, experiences, guidance, and thought provoking content on issues affecting people of color, women, and other members of marginalized groups in educational institutions and on various career paths. Although I hope my content enhances your life, I must be clear that I never, and I mean NEVER, want to suggest that my way is the only way or that you should overwrite your own internal GPS to follow the directions you find on this site. I am currently reading “The Vortex: The Law of Attraction”, and it has opened my eyes to how much we ignore our own internal GPS and follow the directions of others. For example, I know deep down within what I want to do with this blog. I want to inspire and uplift others, especially those in my community, while expressing myself creatively on topics that I care about. Do I want it to grow into a full-time business? Not really, at least not right now or anytime soon. I’m not ready to give up working for companies full-time yet. To me, this is an outlet, a hobby. But in the age of millennial entrepreneurship and #BossBabes, everything is about working on your own and for yourself, or turning your hobby into a business, and honestly, I am not there yet. That is not what I want with blogging or freelancing. One day, I might be a full-time entrepreneur. I actually visualize it all the time, but when I am completely in alignment with myself, I know that I need to work for others for at least a few more years. There is so much that I am eager to learn, people who I have yet to meet, and projects that I am looking forward to be a part of. Where I am, as far as being an employee, is where I need to be right now, and I can’t feel guilty about that at all. This is part of my path, my course, my PROCESS.

What about you? Is there something you want to do, someone you want to be, or some things that you want to walk away from? Are you living a life based on the directions of others, or are you truly aligned with your Source? You know, the truest version of yourself, the bigger YOU? If so, rip up the maps of others, turn off the On-Star Navigation, and go deep within to YOU. Where do you need to go? What do you need to do? WHO ARE YOU? Follow what’s within, and you will never go wrong. This isn’t always simple, and it takes a great deal of practice. Trust me, I know, I am on this journey with you. The Law of Attraction is funny, because just recently I’ve been praying about, researching, and asking my Mom (she’s everything to me), how to let go of the need for validation on my path. I couldn’t figure out why I always needed to talk every move over with the people closest to me before I made it. Why I needed to hear someone on a podcast say it was okay to do what wanted to do. I always needed validation, and took the words of others as confirmation, which was futile. That’s when I came across “The Vortex: The Law of Attraction”, which I wasn’t looking for and I swear it found me. It confirmed what I always knew in my bigger self, that no one else can tell you what is best for your life, because they don’t know, or in the words of Kanye West, “They ain’t got the answers, Sway.” You know who has the answers? The cheat code of all cheat codes? YOU!!! If you’re spiritual, you may say, “You mean God, Caressa.” and as a Believer myself, I’m not trying to shade the Big Man, I’m just saying, God, The Universe, The Source, or whatever name you call him by is not outside of you but WITHIN YOU.You have to go within. Your happiness can’t come from outside. Your success is not defined by the next person’s definition. To get to where you are purposed, you have to be in alignment with You. So whatever brought you to this site or to open a self-help book, or to listen to an insightful, podcast make sure it is only an enhancement, for what The Source is already telling You, don’t look to others for the answers, because quite frankly, we ain’t got it.

Researching Company Culture: Where to Look


In our last “Corporate Culture” post, we explained what corporate culture is and why it is necessary to research a company’s culture, not only before an interview, but before you even apply. Now that we have told you what to look for to ensure you are a great fit, it’s time to discuss where to look. Here are 3 Places that can provide you with the inside scoop on your dream company’s culture:

  1. The Internet

Duh. We all know that. While I hope so, you would be surprised of the amount of people who have not adopted Google as a verb. The internet is the cheat code to life, so why would it not be the first place you go to research your prospective company. Although I didn’t do the best job of researching my present company, I was sure to google the company, and pay attention to any news articles, blog posts, and non-company issued content. Although the company’s website can provide you with great information about benefits and the culture they would like to have, you must go to those who have nothing to benefit when attempting to get the real deal on the company. Did lawsuits show up during your search? If so, pay attention. Are there a lot of former employees bashing them on Social Media? If so, pay attention. Do all of their higher-ups have a certain trait in common? Ex: all men, all of the same race, all of the same age, etc. If so, pay attention. These are all things to consider when determining your growth potential, possibility of happiness in the workplace, and job deal breakers. Two of my go-to websites to research company culture are LinkedIn and Glassdoor. Be sure to pay these sites a visit, but also remember to take all negative feedback from former employees with a grain of salt, as they could just be disgruntled. If you see the same complaint multiple times, I would strongly suggest you err on the side of caution.


  1. Visit

If the company is service-based, and has a public location, then stop by and observe the culture. I’ll never forget a time right after college where I stopped by a local spa to get a massage courtesy of a gift card from my Mama on Christmas. The spa was new to the area, and I had been considering applying there for a Sales Associate role, in hopes of making a little extra money while searching for a job in my field. As I sat in the reception area completing my Massage paperwork, I heard someone whom I assumed was the manager, yelling at a crying Sales Associate. “This is not the first time we’ve discussed this, Amanda (not the correct name, I’m sure)! You need to fulfill a quota every week! You are not hitting your marks! This is unacceptable!” The manager screamed from the backroom. I was so uncomfortable that I wanted to leave, but it was a free massage so I didn’t. Don’t judge me. Nevertheless, I saw Amanda on my way out and her eyes were red from crying. The Associate who walked me into the massage room even asked me was my job hiring, and told me how much he hated it there. Needless to say, I never applied.


  1. Phone a Friend

Nope. Unfortunately, this is not “How to be a Millionaire,” and I am not the handsome older gentleman who reads the questions with a whole lot of swag, but like the show, phoning a friend can help you make money. Have you ever heard that saying “Your network determines your net-worth”? Well it is true. Often as first-generation college students and the first in our families to step into Corporate America or the professional world, we don’t have as great of a professional network as some of our peers, but that doesn’t mean we cannot grow one by appreciating and working the one that we have. Reach out to your friends and ask if they know of someone who works or has worked at your company of interest, and after being introduced, reach out to get the real deal on the company from a credible source. Also, utilize the connections of former co-workers who you developed a good working relationship with, and be sure to smile and make small talk with the people you meet in line at Wal-Mart or in the gym. You never know who can help catapult you into your destiny.


Stay encouraged in your research, and join us next week for Departmental VS. Organization Culture: There’s a Difference.